Pie, Roses and a Bad Ending

Looking through photos the other night, I realized I hadn’t uploaded my shots from Valentine’s Day.
Here’s the dessert we shared:


Banana cream pie with a chocolate crust, topped with salted caramel. It was actually as good as it looks.

My husband surprised me with beautiful pastel roses:


(A Florabella action was applied to this one.)

So, any other Downton Abbey fans out there? {SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading if you’re not caught up on the series.}



I’m so disappointed that Matthew was killed off. And so soon after Sybil died. What made it worse? The PBS pledge drive right after the finale. I’m guessing they didn’t get a lot of contributions that night. Evidently Dan Stevens couldn’t be persuaded to stay. Same with the Sybil character.

call the midwife

I’ve now moved on to another BBC series, Call the Midwife, which is outstanding. You can watch the first season for free here. Warning: the childbirth scenes can be pretty harrowing. Be prepared to weep too.
The characters are all beautifully cast. Remember the horrible Trunchbull from Matilda? She’s one of the nuns at the convent where the midwives live.
I have always had the greatest respect for nurses; now I have even more after watching this series.

Great weekend, everyone!


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18 Responses to Pie, Roses and a Bad Ending

  1. Nice dessert – no surprise there:)

  2. Caroline says:

    Wonderful dessert.
    Yes – Matthew – that came a bit surprisingly but I didn’t suspect it was purely for contract reasosn. I saw later that that was why…. It’s a bit upsetting, still I’ll watch the next season too, I still like it.
    I’ve downloaded the first Call the Midwife book. It was avilable for kindle for 1$. I strtaed to read but then forgot about it. I watched one of the episodes on British TV but that didn’t work so well. Too far into the series I suppose. I’ll read the book first, I think. the beginning was very, very good.

    • I’m very tempted to read all three books, Caroline, but don’t want to know what’s coming in the seasons ahead. Will probably read them after the series ends, if I can last that long. I also heard my favorite character, Chummy, is not so lovable in the book.
      The stories about the poor and The Workhouse are truly heartbreaking.

  3. Banana cream pie is one of my favorite desserts. I’d never thought to have it with a chocolate crust though. Your shot is so crisp and clean which is hard in some restaurants, I think.

    I hadn’t heard about Dan Stevens not signing on for season 4 so I was truly surprised about what happened to his character. Too many echoes of the Sybil situation. I wonder why they couldn’t think of a different way to let him off the show.

    • I wouldn’t have thought of that crust either, Jackie, but it was a nice twist. Believe it or not, I shot the pie with my iPhone. Its clarity really surprises me sometimes.

      I read that Julian Fellowes begged Stevens to stay with the show, but he wouldn’t even consider occasional appearances. He’s on Broadway now, I think.

  4. pam2626 says:

    Yes, great shot of the dessert. I want it.

  5. TBM says:

    What a great dessert! And I didn’t know that was why they killed off Matthew. It was too much like the Sybil situation. Still I’ll watch the next season. Haven’t seen Midwives yet. It was on during Ripper street, which just finished up.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Scrumptious dessert, Carole!

  7. Oh shoot! My eyes were drawn forward even though you said spoiler alert. But I had some inkling so it doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

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