Blossoms Found

We may not have cherry blossoms out here in California, but we do have flowering pear trees. I’m so glad I thought to photograph them before last night, because we had a pretty severe rainstorm and most of the blossoms are gone now.


Pyrus calleryana or Callery pear tree produces fruit, but it’s very small and hard and only appeals to birds.


I added a cross-processing filter to this one.



Great weekend, everyone!


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18 Responses to Blossoms Found

  1. Caroline says:

    These are lovely too. I like all the fruit trees when they are blossoming.
    The cross-processing gives it a vintage look.
    We have to wait at least two months before there will be any blossoms.

  2. enmanscamera says:

    Ahh… of course you would have blossoms to photograph. I had forgotten the warm mild weather you get to contend with. Nice pictures.

  3. Absolutely stunning. That last photo is so beautiful – so California!

  4. TBM says:

    Wonderful! have a great weekend. Dang cold here so soak up some sunshine for me.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Flowering pear tree … beautiful, Carole!

  6. When I lived in Atlanta, there were a lot of these trees around. Usually a harbinger of spring. And when the little petals fall it looks like snow!

  7. Hopefully, this will be the year I actually see the DC blossoms.

  8. Lady Jennie says:

    Such a pretty view of Spring! (even though it’s a little early for spring)

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