Y’know how you can drive by something time after and time and never really see it? That happened to me with this abandoned house. I was driving near Torrey Pines Beach and had to do a U-turn when I noticed the place. It’s next to a car repair shop in a very expensive neighborhood of Del Mar.

abandoned + bridge

See the strip of blue in the background? That’s the Pacific Ocean. The North Torrey Pines Bridge, built in 1933, is on the left. Torrey Pines Beach is a great spot to hang out and watch sunsets. The tall tree that looks like it’s wearing a ratty fur coat? A palm whose fronds haven’t been cut in years.

You can see part of Torrey Pines State Reserve in the background. One of my favorite places to hike, and a fantastic place to take photos. I’ll wait until the weather cools down for that.

I do like the blue shutters and agave. Peeling paint is a favorite subject, as you may know.

Whoever lived here likes stuffed animals. See Garfield?

And the goose?

realtor sign

I don’t know the status on this property, but this sign looks really, really old.

Any takers?


Thanks again for your patience while I experiment with templates. I like that my photos are full-screen, but not completely sold on the layout. The photos seem a bit crowded, even though I’ve spaced them the usual way. And yikes, could the name of the blog be any smaller? Can’t change that at this time.
Feel free to give me input–I won’t be offended, I promise.


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15 Responses to Abandoned

  1. Caroline says:

    Abandoned with everything inside? That’s creepy.
    I’m not sure about the template. It’s no you yet. I like the background color a lot, it’s elegant and echoes the tone of the pearls in the header image. The name of the blog is too small, I agree. What I do not like iis that everything, photos and text look like they have been glued on. It’s not an embedded feeling. I’m afraid you will have to fin a template where the text is black again. But that’s maybe just me. have you thought of the one I use for my German blog? You can do a lot with it, make the pattern disappear, have the writing big, the sidebar can be either left or right. I could imagine with the background color and photo it could be great. It’s the new Dusk to Dawn, there was an older one before.

    • I agree with everything you said, Caroline. Have not seen your German blog, but will take a look at it today. I have a feeling I’ll be switching platforms one day so I can get everything exactly the way I want it.

    • You do a blog in German too? That’s pretty amazing, Caroline. I love the layout, but am looking for something with more space for photos. I’ve just found a great platform that lets you do a free trial for 14 days, so will experiment with that. In the meantime I’ll revert to the old format or something similar. Thanks so much for the feedback!

      • Caroline says:

        Yes, I see. For a blog focussing on writing, it’s not a bad choice.
        Andrew Blackman, he is a writer, he is on my blogroll, he did his blog and his wife’s blog himself, as she is a photographer, it might be worth looking. I can’t remember her blog. You can also contact him easily.

      • OK, thanks, Caroline.

  2. Cool set of pictures. I think you’re too much about the template:)

  3. TBM says:

    Funny, just the other day I said I missed seeing the Pacific Ocean and today you’ve given me a glimpse of it. The house has an unsettling feeling for me. There’s a story and I don’t think it’s very happy. As for the template, I like this one a lot better than the previous experiment. It’s so hard to find one that is perfect. I would love to change mine but have to wait until I have more free time. Maybe after the holidays. I wish you luck!

    • Yes, the place is strange. It looks like it could be picked up by a crane very easily. No foundation, it seems. I’m wondering if someone is just using it for storage?

      I’ll probably try out a new platform after the holidays too.

  4. It’s so strange because it looks lived in – you can see all the stuff on the inside. There’s an abandoned stone house next to our school. I mean it’s really abandoned – vines cover the front door. What a beautiful old house it was and I wonder if it’s beyond repair.

    • It looks like junk is piled up in there, but I didn’t want to peer in the windows. The peeling paint and big tree growing right in front of the door are so out of character for the upscale neighborhood. I get the feeling that this place has been a bone of contention for a long time. Will have to go back and read the sign posted on the door. It’s sad when a house is left to wither because of lawsuits, etc.

      • I was thinking the same thing as Jennie. It seems a little creepy that the house was abandoned with all of that stuff inside. With such an upscale neighborhood surrounding it, I’m surprised someone hasn’t bought it and leveled it to the ground. You’ll have to keep us posted if there is any progress.

        I’ve been investigating SquareSpace as an option to consolidate my sites. Have you looked into that host? They seem to have a lot of nice template choices. But there is a yearly hosting fee.

      • I’m thinking the place is in litigation or the owners refuse to sell. They are sitting on a gold mine, that’s for sure.

        Wow, what a coincidence, Jackie. Squarespace is the one I’m considering!

  5. Cheryl says:

    That sign does look old, Carole, but the items seen through the windows make it ‘feel’ like it only just happened … gone for the day, not gone! Great shots.

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