A Ride on the Königsee

I have toyed with the idea of scanning some of my older travel photos for a while now. I’d like to scan the actual negatives, but am not sure I want to spend a lot of money on a scanner I won’t use after I’m done with all the negatives. There’s a company that will scan negatives for you, but I just found out they send them to India. That’s a little too far for my comfort zone. In the meantime, I’ll scan the photos themselves and share occasionally.

During a trip to Southern Bavaria, we took a boat ride on the Königsee. . . .

Konigsee boat

Yes, the water is that shade of green. It was so bizarre and beautiful. Supposedly, the color comes from chalk particles dissolved in the water, which reflect the sunlight shining on them.
The Königsee is 650 feet (190 meters) deep in some places.

We ended up here:

St Bartholome

St. Bartholomä (Bartholomew) church is built in the Baroque style, with a floor plan modeled on Salzburg Cathedral.

What a boat ride. The emerald water, the towering German Alps and this picturesque church. . .wonderful.


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14 Responses to A Ride on the Königsee

  1. Caroline says:

    It’s Germany but it looks very familiar, after all, I’m just ten minutes from the border. Picturesque with that green water.
    So that’s scanned? That works quite well.

    • pearlsandprose says:

      So glad to hear it, Caroline. There were a few dust specks I had to remove with Photoshop, but that’s it. I’ve kept the photos in an acid-free box, so that helps.

      Königsee is in Berchtesgaden, not far from Salzburg.

  2. Caroline says:

    So do you judging from all the wonderful photos you share. 🙂

  3. TBM says:

    I wouldn’t have known these were scanned. Nicely done. And why does the company send the negatives to India. How is that cost effective?

    • Thanks so much.
      I’m guessing it’s cheaper, even with the postage. Probably don’t have to pay the workers what they’d earn here. Have heard of people sending boxes of negatives to this company. The thought of losing that many slides or negatives gives me chills.

  4. Fantastic pictures of a wonderful place. It’s rare that pictures give me an urge to visit – these do. I think it’s worth getting some of your negs scanned. There has to be a place nearer than India that scans negs – Los Angeles maybe:)

    • Thanks–a real compliment coming from you. I think Southern Bavaria is one of the most beautiful places in the world, especially the area near Berchtesgaden and Salzburg. Sound of Music country.

      I’ve tried using a local (well-known) camera shop and they did the worst job scanning. I spent forever removing spots in Photoshop. The scanning wasn’t cheap either.
      Since scanning photos leaves you without any EXIF data, I’ll have to scan negs to prove I took the shots. Looks like I’ll be buying a scanner. . . .

  5. Cheryl says:

    Beautiful images! You have travelled to so many interesting places, Carole. I’d love to see more from your old negatives. My new Canon LiDE 700F scanner does negatives by the scanner page full or by the tray in addition to all the usual scanner things. Very affordable too …

  6. The first photo looks like a postcard!
    you know, I wouldn’t have guessed Germany for the setting. Maybe somewhere in Russia…

    • So nice to hear, Jackie. Wasn’t sure if the scans would turn out or not, as it was the first time I’ve posted any.
      Onion domes are definitely associated with Russian architecture, but there are quite a few in Bavaria. Would love to see the ones in Moscow one day.

  7. Wow! At first I read “Kong” and thought Asia. Such a beautiful shot with the green water and the church.

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