St. Michaels, Part II

Hello again. Saint Michaels, Maryland is located on a thin strip of land along the Miles River and there are all kinds of boats. . . .



There’s even a replica of Captain John Smith’s small craft, or “shallop” used for the first detailed European exploration of the Chesapeake Bay in 1608.

Capt. John Smith boat replica

You’ll also find an interesting lighthouse that’s part of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. The Hooper Strait Lighthouse was condemned by the U.S. government and nearly demolished. The museum purchased it from the demolition contractor for $1,000(!) and had it towed to its new home in St. Michaels in 1966.

Hooper Strait lighthouse

The interior is pretty sparse, but I got a closeup of a light inside:

lighthouse light

Since we were on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, we had to have crabcakes. St. Michaels Crab and Steak House has some very good ones, and this beautiful stained glass:

stained glass crab

While reviewing all my photos, I was struck by how photogenic St. Michaels is. Whether it be brightly-colored doors,

red church door

green door

red door + gingerbread



lovely porches,

wicker chair

beautiful storefronts decorated for the season

pumpkin storefront

or sunlit yellows with the stars and bars,

sun flare

This is one lovely little town.

Thanks so much for joining me.


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8 Responses to St. Michaels, Part II

  1. Cheryl says:

    Lovely. So when are you holding the travel photography clinic? I want to be first to sign up so I might be able to capture shots like these!

    • You are so funny. With a place this photogenic, all you have to do is point the camera anywhere and shoot. I just wish I’d had a decent zoom lens with me! Kind of limiting with only a 50mm, but I didn’t want to lug a heavy bag around for two hours.

  2. Caroline says:

    Like Cheryl i alos think that it takes more that just poin the camer and shoot. It’s lovely place but you are a wonnderful photographer.

  3. jacquelincangro says:

    I’d never heard of St. Michael’s. It looks like a lovely getaway. I think the lighthouse is really unique. I’m glad they saved it.

  4. S.P. says:

    what a gorgeous place!

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