Random Disney, part I

Hey everyone, some random shots from my trip to Disney World and Epcot Center….

I don’t know what Epcot looks like the rest of the year, but there was a flower show going on in April and flowers were everywhere. This is in-between Future World and Epcot with the monorail in the background.


Bambi inside the butterfly garden. The butterfly and gecko on his forehead are real. He, unfortunately, is not.

Inside the gift shops at the Japanese pavilion, some chopsticks…


and paper lanterns.

Japanese lanterns

Germany was a favorite of mine, as I lived and worked there for two years:


The whole place looked like something out of a fairytale.

ornaments, Germany

How cute are these Seven Dwarfs ornaments? Wonder why it’s not “dwarves”? Scarf, scarves; wolf, wolves. Oh well.

There’s a manmade lake at Epcot Center and all the pavilions are arranged in a semicircle around it….

Canada + lake

That’s Canada, which was closed when we were there for reasons unknown.

China, Epcot

That’s China, the only pavilion we missed! We thought of going back, but then we would have missed dinner, and after six hours of walking we needed some sustenance. Travel tip: don’t try to do Epcot Center and Future World in one day.

Finally, the Italy pavilion was beautifully done. I’ve been to Venice, so I know how it’s supposed to look, but this is such a nice replica of the bell tower at St. Mark’s.

St. Mark's, Epcot

Part II tomorrow.

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10 Responses to Random Disney, part I

  1. mindymilburn says:

    Looks like you are having a blast and the weather looks absolutley gorgeous! Love all the bright vivid colors. Makes everything seem so alive!

  2. I love the butterfly on Bambi pic!

  3. 36x37 says:

    Ooo! I was so excited to see these pics! Epcot is the one place we missed when we visited Disney in January because we thought the kids would be too young to “get” it. But these photos are gorgeous, and you’ve definitely proven how much we missed. Great job capturing the magic. That shot of the butterfly and gecko on Bambi–what incredible luck!

    • Maura, there were very few kids at Epcot and I can see why. It’s mostly looking at the pavilions, eating, drinking and shopping, which might bore them to tears. Also, the eleven pavilions all serve alcohol, so you can literally drink around the world if you’re so inclined. My friends don’t drink, so I passed. The champagne at the France pavilion looked awfully tempting, though.

  4. Caroline says:

    Germany looks stunning. It looks like the region (France and Germany) across the border from where I live. Where did you work?

  5. Cheryl Andrews says:

    Great pics, Carole. Please tell me you didn’t get all of these with that magical iPhone of your’s? Looking forward to Part 2. Che

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