This sign is over an old (est. 1924) community store in Maryland. I have not altered the color–it really is that red in the sunlight.

Japanese maple

Japanese maple



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8 Responses to Sun-dappled

  1. Ms. Spock says:

    It’s too bad the “aflame” leaf already shows signs of decay (beyond the normal change of colour). The consolation for me is that the intrinsic beauty of the leaf is in fact permanent, eternal, when that beauty is beheld mentally rather than materially. And you, Ms. Prose, capture that beauty in your work so very, very artfully.

    • Thank you so much. I don’t mind the decay–I think it adds interest. A couple of years ago I would have avoided it, thinking only the unblemished leaves or petals were worthy. I was so wrong.

  2. 36x37 says:

    Oh, I love that vintage Coke sign. You just don’t see those anymore.

  3. mindymilburn says:

    Fantastic captures with the leaves and I LOVE the old coke sign. What a great find!

  4. Lady Jennie says:

    I love it. It’s such a pleasure to see Fall with you. 🙂

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