I said I was going to review The Social Network, then realized I’ve got way too much going on this week. So it will have to be next week, hopefully.

For now, a mishmash of sorts: random shots taken in the last month or so. Hope you enjoy them.

soft pink

A rose from a grocery store bouquet.

These berries are everywhere in the neighborhood, but I think the plant is basically a weed!

I swear, this is my last pumpkin shot (this year).

Ageratum. Taken with my iPhone.

sunflower breeze

I’m taking Kim Klassen’s wonderful Photoshop class and did this with fill layers in CS5.

Have a good one….

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10 Responses to Mishmash

  1. The berries are cute! Even if they are a weed.

  2. Lady Jennie says:

    That rose looks good enough to eat somehow.

  3. Oh these are so great!! It’s funny, I was going through them and I thought, Oh I really like that rose – then I would scan down to the next shot and I would say, Wow I really like those berries…and on and on and on! Really nice collection of varying shots!

  4. Caroline says:

    I swear I can smell the rose. Lovely photos.

  5. S.P. says:

    Have no idea what “fill layers” in Cs5 are, but someday I would love to learn how to use Photoshop and buy it for my computer. That probably will NOT be happening between Halloween and New Year’s however 🙂
    In the meantime, I will enjoy these beautiful shots!

  6. Thanks, Slim.

    Until this month, I didn’t know how to do fill layers either. There’s a simpler version of Photoshop called Photoshop Elements, which I love. You can do all kinds of stuff and it’s not so overwhelming. The best place for free tutorials is Kim Klassen’s site:


    She will probably be doing free classes after the holidays too. 🙂

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