Four ways to look at an old house

Well, I just upgraded from Photoshop Elements to Photoshop (CS5) because it was half price. I used it years ago, but I was shooting only film then and found it a bit overwhelming. I was also kind of a “purist” in those days and thought it was “cheating” to use an editing program. I know, silly.

On to Photoshop. I did the following project in just a few minutes with a Photshop preset, except for the last image.

white house original

A so-so shot of an old house in Middleburg, Va.

white house teal

I switched up the color, but still wasn’t satisfied.

white house green

I’m kind of likin’ these crazy colors.

white house

Finally, I added some Kim Klassen and Johnna Riddell textures for a more vintage look. I did all of this in Elements before getting Photoshop. I’m not crazy about the PSE cropping, but I can live with it.

Tomorrow, some prose. I’ve had some thoughts bombarding me lately, and had to write them down before my head exploded. See you then.

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4 Responses to Four ways to look at an old house

  1. Ms. Spock says:

    In one sense, the first photograph is the best, because it is natural, and a clear, blue sky can be unmatched for beauty — whether as backdrop or as a wonder all its own.

    The second is very pleasing as to color and texture. A nice effect. The third, however, reminds me of the sky and vegetation on my native planet, Vulcan. Thanks for the warm memories!

    (The fourth is a work all its own, by now wholly separate from the original. Good job, Ms. P-&-P.)

  2. 36x37 says:

    I love these…the 4th photo especially. It looks like you’ve pulled it from the attic and dusted it off with a hasty puff of air. Very vintage. Love it.

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s musings! 🙂

  3. Thank you!

    I’m wishing you were here to edit my musings. 🙂

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