The crazy mix that is Provincetown

 Provincetown mist

While in Cape Cod, we decided to spend a day in Provincetown. Mr. Prose and I, that is–his daughter spent the day at the beach with her aunt. For the shot above, I used a trick another photographer taught me. If you’re shooting into the sun, you have to “fool” the camera or it will overcompensate for all the extra light. I pointed the camera down, pressed the shutter halfway, then raised the camera up to the house and hollyhocks. If I hadn’t, the house and flowers would be really dark. I also added a little blurring and soft light.

As for my title. You’ve probably heard that Provincetown is predominantly gay, but I’m not talking about that. (But I do have a new appreciation of the alienation my gay friends have talked about. We were one of a handful of straight couples in a sea of gay men. It was like being in a mating ritual, only we were invisible.) No, the crazy mix I’m talking about is this:

Ptown display window

Lovely shop windows

Provincetown bunting

beautiful beach houses

garden ornament

interesting gardens

what doesn't belong here?

plastic parrots and a monkey

beach decor

fake surfboards and a vintage sewing machine

pink hardy hibiscus

a really nice hardy hibiscus.

basic outdoor furniture

a verrrrrry basic outdoor living room

blue hardy hibiscus

and another hardy hibiscus (Can you believe this color? I want one.)

More tomorrow.

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Photography. With a little life thrown in.
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5 Responses to The crazy mix that is Provincetown

  1. ladyinfrance says:

    Weird and wonderful (and beautifully captured).

  2. The flowers are lovely. They remind me of gumamelas.

  3. Thank you, and welcome to both of you. 🙂

  4. reesephoto says:

    We went to Provincetown one time, and suffice it to say,it was a very interesting experience. I remember one gentleman wearing leather and chains, along with a very frilly pink set of flip flops. Coming from a conservative area, it was way different than anything we ever saw before.To each his own i guess.

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