Provincetown and neon

Have you ever seen a red sunflower? I’m kind of partial to the yellow ones growing in Provence, but this looks kind of nice with the pink roses, don’t you think?

More shots of Provincetown. Oh, yesterday WordPress suggested a “similar story” to mine. It was about a shooting, as in murder. Guess I need to say “photographing” more?

Ptown ceramic bowls

How great are these bowls?

Ptown nautical store2

I’m not into nautical themes after growing up in the landlocked Midwest, but this store is one of the nicest I’ve seen.

Ptown nautical store1

The guy who runs the place is really nice too.

Ptown nautical store3
I was surprised to learn that most of these shops are open only in the summer.

In P-town you can see ice-cream-colored stores:

ice cream colors
and ice cream:

Twist'd Sisters

Let me warn you right now that I love neon signs. Love them. You will see them on my blog fairly often, should you choose to continue. I’d own one, but I’m strangely frightened of neon gas. If that sign breaks, it’s really bad for you and the environment.

neon cheese steaks

Is cheesesteak really one word? Webster says so, but it looks weird to me.

Neon cocktails

Lobster Pot

See you tomorrow, people. Have a great one.

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10 Responses to Provincetown and neon

  1. Ms. Spock says:

    In fact, “cheesesteak” is FIVE words: heart attack on a plate.

    I note that “cheese” and “steaks” are separated by about as much real estate as are “burgers” and “seafood” in that photograph. The latter two are most assuredly not all one word combined. But is “seafood” all one word???? The plot thickens!

  2. ladyinfrance says:

    shh! It is me but I am in major construction so I’m on the down-low. 🙂 It will take at least a couple of weeks I think before I’m ready to launch.

  3. Richard Isaac says:

    Love the pics! I’m sure I’ve been to that ice cream store (on Commercial, yes? Although that’s a likely guess, eh?). And the BF loves neon, too; you’d get along nicely.

  4. I’m pretty sure. We were on Commercial most of the time.
    That’s another thing in common!

  5. 36x37 says:

    Those bowls are outstanding. And I’ll take eight whole placesettings of those fish plates.

  6. Erica says:

    I am from Mass. and living in Paris for many years I have not been back in P-Town for way too long. This brought on the nostalgia. Gotta get there one of these years! Erica

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