Nursery finds

Mr. Pearl and I went to a new nursery yesterday, thinking it would be just like the original, only farther away. Sadly, it was a fraction of the size and they didn’t even have landscaping sand, which we came for.

But I had my Nikon with me and as I took pics, I noticed they had a really nice selection of annuals. I’m more of a perennial person, but I think you’ll agree these are colorful and lively. Enjoy….

Pink and orange zinnias.

This bumblebee appeared right as I was shooting. Very considerate of him, non? This is one of my favorite flowers and I can’t think of the name of it! Old age is setting in….

I have never seen a red-and-white mandevilla before–only pink or white. I may have to buy one of these….  This is so vivid on my good monitor, but kind of blown out on my laptop screen. I’m hoping the cheaper monitor has it wrong….otherwise, the vivid setting on my camera will be wasted.

Another shot of Mr. Bumblebee. I’ll check out the name of this flower the next time I’m at a nursery.

Have a great one!

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2 Responses to Nursery finds

  1. S.P. says:

    Woah- Luv those zinnias! How do those two colours look so good together? Nature is The Man!


    • Ms. Pearl says:

      And to think I once considered zinnias kind of boring…foolish me.

      Thanks so much for stopping over here, and congrats again on your anniversary! You’ve been such a great inspiration….

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