Toledo blues

We took a day out of our time in Madrid to see Toledo, but it rained almost the whole time, so the photos are somewhat blah. I colorized this to give it some interest. Taken near the cathedral.

We found Toledo less friendly than Madrid, and I think that colored our perception of the city. Seeing the old Jewish quarter was kind of depressing too. I did not realize all the Jews were expelled in 1492. It was kind of shocking to see a display titled “What is a synagogue?” in the actual synagogue.

I took this photo during a brief letup in the rain. It’s a lovely candy store that I also saw in Seville.

Don’t you feel for this poor guy? ; ) Hey, it’s hard to decide on all that candy!

This is a side street in Toledo:

One place I really liked was the Plaça de Zocodover:

You may have noticed I’m drawn to arches. Being around Moorish architecture was fantastic for me.

Sometimes I am really surprised at which photos draw the most attention on Flickr. This shot of the interior of the Toledo train station has gotten a lot:

I didn’t expect this to turn out at all because of the difficult lighting. A nice surprise.

Here’s the exterior:

The station was built around 1918.

And yes, the sun came out right as we were leaving.

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