Claus Porto soaps are da bomb

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Ever heard of Claus Porto soaps from Portugal? I don’t remember how I found out about them, but I’ve been a fan for about 15 years now. They are amaaaaaazing. Really big bars, but with indentations for your hand so you don’t drop them.

Incredible range of fragrances. My favorites are Banho/Citron Verbena (clean, fresh, citrus-y) Lysia/Mimosa (a hint of orange blossoms) and Ilyria/Honeysuckle. They are never overpowering–just a faint hint of fragrance.

And the large size lasts for months. The reason for this is that the soap bars are milled SEVEN TIMES. No triple-milled nonsense here.  When you see how long they last, you’re not as put off by the price. Right now you can get three 12-oz. bars for $54 at

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If you want to sample the fragrances, has an offer of  five guest-size soaps for $50 here.

[I’m seriously regretting not buying Amazon stock at this point.]

The best part is that the soap is made from shea butter, which is a fantastic moisturizer. I have sensitive skin and it has never bothered me like other scented soaps.

A little bonus is that the packaging is beautiful. I almost hate to unwrap them, so I stick them in my lingerie drawer for the scent.

I looked at the Claus Porto web site just a minute ago, and they’ve been in business since 1887! They also have liquid soaps now. I’ve never used them, but they’re probably fantastic. Now that we can’t take many liquids on flights, I need the solid form.



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