Stone cottages can be warm

I just love me some stone cottages. I want to live in one, but that would mean I’d have to stay on the East Coast and I don’t want to do that. If all goes well, we’ll move back to California in two years after Miss Pearl graduates.

This lovely gem is part of the Hagley Museum in Pennsylvania. This is where the DuPont family began their gun powder business before branching out into chemicals.

We have another beauty near us that we visit regularly. The first photo was taken in the early afternoon; the other two at dusk. I love how the sun lights up the stones….

I think the most beautiful stone I’ve ever seen was in the Cotswolds district of England. GORGEOUS honey-golden limestone that nearly makes you want to weep. Oh, I wish I were there now. Literally a photo op on every corner.

Of course, I took all my travel photos in Europe with film, back before I went digital. I hear you can scan negatives onto a CD–I should do that. When I was younger, I traveled ’round the Mediterranean for about four months and took a lot of photos. Unfortunately, the boyfriend got the negs and I got the prints, which are now faded.  Maybe now that the vintage look is in I could use them after all….

I kept a journal while traveling around the Med. In French, so I would never lose the language. I toy with the idea of translating it on another blog from time to time.  The faded photos would certainly lend a touch of nostalgia, yeah?

All but one of today’s photos are on Flickr. I’m not going to put everything on that site because some things are just for the blog. Period. 

Hope this day is a good one for you….

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4 Responses to Stone cottages can be warm

  1. S.P. says:

    Fantastic photos of Peonies Mrs. Pearl- they are one of my favourites and one of the few flowers we cannot grow in Santa Barbara.
    BTW, I am madly curious as to why you changed over from Blogger to WordPress, if you ever have a moment.
    Best wishes on your new format!

    • Thanks so much for commenting! I’m a big fan of your blog.

      Blogger is pretty limiting size-wise. I wasn’t able to run the size photos I wanted and was told WordPress was a better platform. Blogger is more user-friendly, but I’m slowly getting accustomed to all the differences.

      Thanks again for commenting and have a great time in Europe….

  2. prutha says:

    love this house…the last 2 pics r amazing…with the golden sun hitting the stone!! its amazing!

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