Longwood Gardens!

So, I finally got to see the famed Longwood Gardens in Brandywine Valley, PA. I have wanted to see this place for years and years, but never made it. My sweet husband and I decided to make it a weekend getaway. I think he wanted to take my mind off the fact that my sons aren’t here for Mother’s Day (yes, he’s a keeper).

Fortunately, we decided to see the gardens on Friday, because the weather was too windy for photos on Sat. and Sun. The azaleas were done, but there were plenty of flowers to photograph, especially in the Conservatory. Unbelievable orchids! Here are four:

I’m sorry, I don’t know the name. I could have had my husband write down the names, but I felt like he was doing enough holding my purse and camera bag while I took photos. I also didn’t want this to be a “photography trip.” Gets kind of boring for the traveling companion.

Isn’t this yellow-orange yummy? I think it looks a bit like a bird. Love this flower.

lavender orchids

I believe this is a cattleya, but don’t quote me.

white orchid

Honestly, nature really is the best painter. I’m not sure anyone could really capture this on canvas.

Speaking of canvas, we went to the Brandywine River Art Museum, otherwise known as the “Wyeth Gallery,” in Chadds Ford too. I adore N.C. Wyeth’s illustrations for books such as “Treasure Island,” and I like Andrew Wyeth’s moody paintings, but really don’t care for Jamie Wyeth’s works. We toured N.C.’s studio and enjoyed the well-versed guide’s presentation.

This is the cover of “Treasure Island”:


OK, one of the best things that happened today? My camera battery didn’t die until after I took my LAST PICTURE. I didn’t charge the battery before we left, because the indicator said  “full.” I’ll never trust that again, especially if I haven’t recharged in several days. Of course,  after five  or six shots, it showed 1/4 drained. So I turned off the camera after every picture. And prayed a lot. What if I ran out of power on the day I was at Longwood Gardens?? The gods were smiling on me or something, because I made it through the entire place before the battery went. Why didn’t I recharge the battery at the restaurant during lunch, you ask? Because I left the charger in  our hotel room, of course. But once in a while, luck graces my life.

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