Mahonia "painting"

OK, I had some fun with Photoscape again. Such a great bargain, that program. Here’s my mahonia picture, “painted” with Photoscape:


I basically pixelated it with “crystallize,” then boosted the color saturation a bit. Some day I’ll take a painting class and learn how to paint this. I can draw, but never really learned to paint in all those art classes. For now, this will be a fun substitute. I should use the full Photoshop probably, but I’ve found that program to be so loaded with choices it’s overwhelming. I may go back to it again….

Another gorgeous spring day here. Will be walking Rocky soon. A bit of bad news on him yesterday. The vet says he has a cataract forming on one eye. We noticed that Rocky was having a little trouble finding his toy when we threw it, so this is not a surprise. I was pretty down about it yesterday, but as I said before, he’s 12 and slowing down. Thank heaven we’ve been in this house for two years and he doesn’t have to learn his way around new surroundings.

Tomorrow my husband is taking me to a place I’ve wanted to see for years and years: Longwood Gardens! I can’t believe I’m finally going to see it. Also going to Andrew Wyeth’s art gallery and hopefully Hagley House. I’ve seen Winterthur before (a must-see, by the way) and my husband isn’t interested, so may try to catch the Nemours mansion instead. I didn’t realize there was so much to see in the Brandywine Valley.
Anway, hopefully there will be something in bloom in the gardens and I can take some pics.

Have a great weekend….

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