Giada and cherry blossoms

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Giada de Laurentiis at one of her book signing sessions. I have to admit to being starstruck–the whole thing is kind of a blur now. Giada has like twenty million teeth that are dazzlingly white, and perfect skin. She actually looks better in person! I mumbled something about loving her show, then asked her to sign a cookbook for my friend T. Which, of course, she did. The next thing I knew, we were out the door. They really move things along. I hope I meet her again so I can carry on an actual conversation.

This took place at a very nice store, Sur la Table, although they had a guy who was REALLY serious about people not taking pictures in line and not using flash. One guy who did the latter was pounced on by three guys and led outside. We had to stand to the side with a bunch of other people and I had to shoot really fast. They wouldn’t allow pics while standing in line, so I’m really glad I went into the store while my sweet husband saved my place. How many husbands would even accompany their wives to this? I’m lucky, I know.

This is a bit blurry because I had to take it really quickly and didn’t have time to focus. Someone was in front of her constantly, which didn’t help.
So glad we got there an hour early, because the line went all the way around the block. Also glad we thought to bring camping stools because we ended up waiting almost two hours. Worth it? Yes!
After the book signing, we went to a neighborhood near ours that has cherry trees EVERYWHERE. It’s almost better than seeing the blossoms around the Tidal Basin. Fabulous mansions on every block and trees like this.
I love cherry blossoms….

So, a very nice Saturday!

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