Living on the Eidfjord

One of my grandmothers lived near a fjord in Norway, and while we were there I wondered what it would be like. The scenery is beyond beautiful, but the winters are pretty harsh.

I took these shots of houses on the Eidfjord.

That looks like an inn or hotel on the left, but I’m pretty sure the red building is a house. I learned that Norwegians paint their houses mostly red, gold or white. Red is the cheapest and white the most expensive, so it’s kind of a status symbol.

Here’s a closer look:

This tiny village might be a little too remote for me. I like having a city close by.

I do like the particular shades of red and gold used here. Can you believe their view?

And then there’s the fjord….

Great weekend, everyone. Mother Nature seems to be on a bit of a rampage these days. Puerto Rico, Mexico, the list just goes on and on. I really hope the natural disasters are done for now.


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12 Responses to Living on the Eidfjord

  1. Susan says:

    WOW – now I can see why (of all their trips) Ben loved Norway best ! Perhaps their gold and reds help diminish the dreariness of those harsh long winters. The views are spectacular.

  2. Margaret Castro says:

    Loved getting the opportunity to view this unique area via your outstandingly beautiful photos.

  3. Caroline says:

    Stunning. But the winters must be so hard. Not even the cold but the lack of light. Like you, I need to live close or rather in a city but for a vacation . . . would be so lovely.

  4. Would love to experience this myself….stunning landscapes. Thanks pearlsandprose.

  5. anroworld says:

    I would love to live there, even it’s good for me to be far from a city! The most beautiful place, I envy those living there! Most peaceful place!

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