Hanauma Bay

One of my favorite spots on Oahu was Hanauma Bay. We made a brief stop to take photos from above….

On the left


And the right side.

The “curved bay” was declared a protected marine life conservation area and underwater park in 1967.

It’s against the law to touch or walk on the coral.

Great weekend, everyone….especially to the folks down in Texas. The footage of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction is truly heart-breaking.

illustration by @christopherdavidryan via Instagram


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8 Responses to Hanauma Bay

  1. Caroline says:

    A beautiful spot.
    Pretty awful what’s happening in Texas.

    • Truly. Wasn’t sure how much coverage you were seeing in Europe, but I noticed BBC News made the hurricane their lead story more than once. I have cousins in Houston, but they are OK, thankfully.

  2. Susan says:

    I see lots of people on the beach so can I assume snorkeling is allowed ? What a peaceful place.

  3. anroworld says:

    Such fabulous pictures, wonderful place!

  4. danikay11 says:

    Looking forward to snorkeling at Hanauma Bay over Christmas. Any tips other than arriving early?

  5. Definitely arrive early–it was pretty crowded when we got there in the afternoon. And be careful where you step.

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