The Craziest Rainbow Ever

At the end of our cruise in Hawaii, the ship lingered at the Na’Pali Coast on Kauai, one of my favorite places in the world….

We were just about to go inside, because we’d been looking at the coast for at least an hour, but then noticed a partial rainbow. What a great end to a wonderful cruise.

Well, then it started growing.

Here’s the right side:

Then we noticed a faint second rainbow on the left.

And something else. The rainbow looked like it was in the water.

Then the real craziness. The rainbow was an oblong coming towards us in the water! We were freaking out because we’d never seen anything like it.

I quickly switched to video on my iPhone and captured the whole thing. I tried uploading it to WordPress but it was sideways, so I’ve put it on YouTube here. A first for me, but it’s pretty easy to do. (Apologies to those outside the U.S. if you can’t view it.) I’m not a filmmaker, but am OK with the way the movie turned out. If you have the sound on, you’ll hear one of my friends exclaiming, and it still makes me smile whenever I hear it. We were pretty blown away. πŸ™‚

This made us wonder if rainbows are really circles? Turns out, they are, but it’s mostly pilots who get to see them from planes. Usually the rest of the circle is cut off by the horizon. According to Wikipedia, the reason a rainbow is circular is that “a circle is the set of all points in the sky that make the same angle between you, the water droplets, and the sun.” Whatever the explanation, we were amazed.

Great weekend, everyone!

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15 Responses to The Craziest Rainbow Ever

  1. Susan says:

    Wow – what an exceptional way to end your cruise – I’ve never seen a partial rainbow and then watch it ‘grow’ . . . totally cool !

  2. mcdsteph says:

    Wow! So amazing. Wonderfully captured!

  3. Beautifully captured, Carol

  4. anroworld says:

    You were so lucky to catch such beautiful rainbow, absolutely stunning! happy weekend, dear Carole!

  5. fulltimehoneymooner says:

    This is awesome! It must have been the perfect ending to your cruise :). I’ll be in Hawaii next month – I hope I get to see this in real life!

  6. Caroline says:

    What an amazing rainbow. I’ll have to check out the video soon.

  7. Simply gorgeousπŸ™‚ That must of made your day.

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