Travel Scans: Chania, Crete

[I am getting an error message from WordPress every time I try to upload the photos below, so I had to resort to using Flickr and its flawed system. Ignore the links under the photos because they’ll take you to a page of code. Hopefully I’ll be able to resolve this issue soon.]


This is a shot of the old Venetian port in Chania, Crete. We stayed with friends there and it was a true highlight of our trip through Europe and the Middle East. I love Greece and could spend every summer there, easily. So many fond memories of shopping in the open market, eating dinner at midnight (that was the norm) and swimming in the Mediterranean. The pace was very laid back and we envied our friends’ lifestyle. They were accountants in the U.S. during the rest of the year, but the husband spent every summer painting in Chania.


Kind of a funky shot of the Chania Lighthouse at the harbor. Those days I was shooting with film and didn’t take notes on camera settings, so I’m not sure what happened exactly. I kind of like the effect, though.

Great weekend, everyone!

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12 Responses to Travel Scans: Chania, Crete

  1. Iris says:

    Beautiful images!

  2. Susan says:

    What a unique shot of the lighthouse – quite literally a LIGHT house – love it !

  3. Love the effect on the lighthouse. I’ve been in Chania, when I was very young in my backpacking days and loved it.

  4. anroworld says:

    Stunning shot, I like this effect very much! Beautiful place!

  5. Caroline says:

    I love the colors on that shot. It looks like an old postcard.
    I like Greece as well. We’ve been there many times but not for a while.

  6. rlfields331 says:

    Agreed! I would go back to Crete in a heartbeat!! 😉

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