It’s That Time of Year Again

Over on Instagram, people are sharing photos of tulip magnolia blossoms in London and it made me miss them. Here’s a previously unpublished shot of said blossoms in Maryland.

And hey, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I think this guy really epitomizes the spirit….

I took this at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York a few years ago. Definitely worth going if you’ve never seen it.

Great weekend, everyone!


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8 Responses to It’s That Time of Year Again

  1. anroworld says:

    I adore magnolia bloom, so beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing mine here, I will make a film about them! it will be later! That man is funny! Great weekend to you too, dear Carole!

  2. Ms. Spock says:

    The subjects of the two seemingly disparate photographs may actually relate, IF we can allow “French moss hangin’ from a big oak tree” to suffice as an Irish beard, in the 1960 Top-Ten tune “New Orleans”, written by Guida and Royster, and sung by a gentleman who actually called himself “U.S. Bonds” . . .

    A come on take a stroll down to Basin street,
    Listen to the music with that Dixieland beat.
    Well the magnolia blossoms fill the air
    And you ain’t been to heaven till you been down there.
    They got French moss hangin’ from a big oak tree
    Down in Mississippi down in New Orleans.

    Thanks for the blog post and have a smashing Saint Patrick’s Day!

  3. Caroline says:

    I too love magnolias. Ours aren’t in bloom yet. I think another day or two and they will be. I’ll be taking photos as soon as the weather is better. It was lovely all week but now it’s raining.
    My partner came home with a hat like that yesterday. He met a friend at an Irish pub in town and everyone got one.

  4. What beauitful flowers!

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