Ladurée New York

Since I haven’t been able to shoot much the past two weeks, I thought I’d dig into the archives for this post.

I’ve never been to Ladurée in Paris, so during a past trip to New York, I decided to try the one on Madison Avenue. I’m not a huge fan of macarons, but I like them well enough. I was more curious to see what the place looked like. Photos of the one in Paris are amazing.



The exterior.

Inside, the space was kind of small. Only a few tables, but there was just one other person there, so we got a table:


I know, tiny!


The view from our table.


Across from us. Someone sat down right after I took this photo, so I’m glad I didn’t wait ’til later.



I thought the decor was very pretty.


The display window from the other side. I do like the striped awning.

Now for the good stuff.


I did appreciate the nice china and silver. Such a luxury when you’re used to paper cups from Starbucks.


Can you believe these pastries? Really too beautiful to eat.


The pain chocolat and croissants looked kind of run-of-the-mill in comparison. 😉


We didn’t try any of these, but I’ll bet they are delicious.


There were so many macarons it was hard to choose, but we settled on these:


I’ve forgotten what we ordered exactly, but I know the green one is pistachio and one of the brown ones is coffee and/or salted caramel. As I said, I’m not wild about macarons, but these were really good. It was pretty close to dinner, so we didn’t want anything too heavy.


The orange blossom tea was wonderful and it all made for such a pretty table setting. Thank you to my sweet husband for indulging me!

Hope your week’s going well so far. My back is a lot better now, just some stiffness after sitting.


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18 Responses to Ladurée New York

  1. anroworld says:

    So happy to hear you are better, dear Carole! What a fantastic place! Atmosphere, design and pastries are in harmony! I felt like in a fairy tale! Sweet Paradise!

  2. Caroline says:

    Lovely colors and I like the details in the place. Those tiny tables are very common in Europe.
    The pastries look amazing. I have no sweet tooth but I like looking at them. I hope you’re feeling better.

    • Unfortunately, I do have a sweet tooth, but have to watch what I eat. Taking photos is about as close as I’ll get, but it’s OK. I was able to eat anything I wanted for years.

  3. Susan says:

    I’ve never tasted macarons but they sure look good in photographs. If you didn’t know this was in NY City, you’d swear this tiny spot was in Paris. Glad your back is better!

  4. My favourite is the lemon-flavored whipped cream. The one in Paris is, indeed, beautiful. We sat upstairs in the library. This looks perfect though, a taste of Paris right in NY.

  5. Oh, I love this place! Inside it’s like a little gift. I’ve been a few times, though I’ve only gotten the macarons to go for a friend’s party. Someday soon, I’d like to sit and enjoy the full experience.

    • Yes, it’s kind of like a little jewel box, Jackie. You’re so lucky to have places like this near you. I’ve really been missing NY lately. Probably because I just watched the Tony awards. So many good shows!

  6. I hope you are so much better! What elegance!

  7. Fantastic photos! I love this post ❤

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