Café Niederegger


One of the prettiest cafes I’ve ever been to is Café Niederegger in Lübeck, Germany.



Isn’t the exterior amazing? Master confectioner Johann Georg Niederegger founded the establishment in 1806. I had no idea Niederegger was world-famous for its marzipan. Johan’s secret recipe, with “as many almonds as possible and as little sugar as necessary,” has been passed on from generation to generation since his death. According to Wiki, Niederegger marzipan is guaranteed to be 66% almonds.

Have to tell you, the word “marzipan” used to give me chills. When I lived in Germany, I worked at a resort where one of the bakers made cakes decorated with marzipan. I don’t know what they used, but the stuff made my teeth ache. Sickening sweet with a weird aftertaste. So I wasn’t exactly looking forward to marzipan cake with my coffee, but it was already paid for, and I figured I could give it to someone else.


Was I ever wrong. This cake was divine. Fine hazelnut cream covered with a soft layer of marzipan. The almond flavor was not overpowering or sickening at all. So creamy and delicious.

We had the cake and coffee upstairs, then went down to the ground floor where we saw this:






Can’t remember seeing that much heaven in one place before. 🙂 I do apologize if you’re reading this when you’re hungry.


There was a window outside for coffee to go. I’d probably go that route if I lived in Lübeck. Otherwise I’d be huge.

The area near the cafe is very busy, as it’s next to the outdoor market. You can see market photos here. There were a few street performers, and these two caught my eye:


It’s supposed to look like he’s holding her up.


A bit more dramatic from this angle. I appreciate that they let me photograph them.

Great weekend, everyone, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate!


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13 Responses to Café Niederegger

  1. Caroline says:

    Pretty much the most famous marzipan. I’m not too fond but I like this one. Some marzipan is too sweet, I agree. Looks like a lovely city.

  2. anroworld says:

    Sweet place for fans of sweet! A truly nice city! I love it! Happy forthcoming Easter to you too, dear Carole!

  3. Those desserts are works of art! The marzipan cake looks delicious, but it would be hard to choose between all of those gorgeous options.

  4. A cornucopia. Thank you for the delights.

  5. I am not a real fan of the real sweet marzipan, there are variations of that. I remember my mom getting every year for Christmas a box of Niederegger Marzipan and she was so delighted about that. I think back than Marzipan wasn’t that sweet. Thank you for sharing Carol, I actually can’t wait for more pictures about the city.

  6. Wow what amazing photos! I love this! The building is beautiful and although not a fan of marzipan these sweets look so good!

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