Instagram Nine

Hello, everyone. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. I enjoyed my week off so much, spending time with family and friends.

Instagram has something called “Best Nine” and it’s where members post collages of their top nine photos of the year. The ones that received the most “Likes.” Here are mine:


As always, some surprised me. Just when I think I know what people like. 🙂

Hope your week’s going well so far. I’m hoping to have a post on San Francisco’s Chinatown this Friday.


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Photography. With a little life thrown in.
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16 Responses to Instagram Nine

  1. anroworld says:

    Happy New 2016 Year to you, dear Carole! Yes, my holidays were awesome, I spent them in the lovely family circle, what can be better! You have a very shiny nine photos, they bring some summer feeling and warmth, especially for me, since it is snowing and -12 here!

  2. susan says:

    OK – my personal favorites (of those 9) are the 2 rose ones and the fall leaves – just make me feel good looking at them !

  3. Caroline says:

    Really love to see these like that. I couldn’t really pick a favorite.
    Im glad to hear you had a nice time. We had fun and lovely times too.

  4. All of these photos are lovely, Carole. I remember the teacup with the slice of lemon and always enjoyed the contrast of soft pastel shades.

    Looking forward to more of your photos in 2016.

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