Hitting the Market in Lübeck, Germany

After seeing some of the sights in Lübeck, Germany, we had time to walk around. I spotted the farmers market and made a beeline.


Strauchtomaten means “tomatoes on the vine.” Aren’t they beautiful? It was hard to see such delicious produce and not be able to buy any.
Oh, it’s been a long time since I lived in Germany, so feel free to correct my German.


Sugar snap peas. Did you know the difference in snow peas and sugar snap peas is the shape of their pods? Snow peas: flat, snap peas: round.


I’m not sure about this. Kirschen and beeren mean “cherries” and “berries,” but aus dem Alten Land is literally “from the old country.”


I have fond memories of eating vanilleeis mit heißen himbeeren (vanilla ice cream with hot raspberry sauce) at a restaurant near the resort where I worked. Simple but so good.


Obviously, these are grapes, but I don’t know the meaning of dattelwein. Wine grapes, maybe?


Cherry tomatoes and apricots. I wish we had better apricots in the grocery stores over here.



I’ll never tire of photographing sunflowers.

Great weekend, everyone!


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8 Responses to Hitting the Market in Lübeck, Germany

  1. anroworld says:

    Very delicious pictures, I can eat them! Now i am hungry…Carole, what did you do?
    Have a joyful weekend and so bright as these fruits!

  2. susan says:

    Beautiful selection of fruits & veggies -would love, Love, LOVE to see those in our farmers’ market

  3. Caroline says:

    Lovely fotos. Mouth-watering. I saw Dattelwein on some grapes the other day. It’s the name of that specific grape but why it’s called Dattelwein – date wine, no clue.

  4. All the berries look so luscious. I love going to the markets when I’m visiting a new city. It’s a great way to meet locals and get a sense of the community.

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