Pink Plumeria


Last year at the State Fair I took a chance and bought a piece of plumeria. It looked like a tuning fork and didn’t have roots at all. I planted it in a large pot and crossed my fingers. This week I was thrilled to see it blooming! The secret is the fertilizer they sold me along with the “plant.” It’s a clear liquid called Roberta’s Hawaiian Flower Magic. You just put half a teaspoon in a gallon of water, and sprinkle the plant with that instead of plain water.


You can see the pot I used on the lower left. Plumeria is known as “frangipani” in other parts of the world.


We can leave it out year-round in California, but all the leaves will drop off in the winter and the thing will look dead. Just keep watering it sparingly and wait until spring to start feeding again. I wish you could smell the flowers–heavenly!

Hope your week’s going well so far.


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13 Responses to Pink Plumeria

  1. Meg Castro says:

    Beautiful! Wish I could trade cuttings with you – I have 3 large pots full of pale yellow with a pink tinge. In the winter I just keep it in the garage without watering it.

  2. anroworld says:

    Carole, this flower is fantastic, so beautiful and so gentle! Gorgeous!

  3. What a terrific shade of pink. I love the way the petals are splayed out.

  4. You made me so happy with your post, images are gorgeous….. and your advice for a fertilizer is greatly appreciated. I had a few Plumerias , blooming for a while but somehow they decided to take a turn. But your advice will give them new light in their lives. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Caroline says:

    I only knew the name frangipani. I remember them from Sri Lanka.The white ones are vey fragrant. Do these smell too? It’s such a wonderful experience when something we planted blossoms.

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