Jacaranda Time

The Jacaranda trees are in bloom now, a little early. I looked at photos of them from two years ago and they were taken on May 25.

We’ve been having a lot of windy days lately, but I was worried about missing the blossoms, so I ventured out the other day:


I had to stand and wait for the wind to subside and then quickly take the photo before the wind gusted again. Even with a fast shutter speed, bokeh looks wonky if the wind is blowing hard.


I moved around a lot to get different perspectives and different-colored bokeh.


The seed pods are a little strange, aren’t they?


Viewed closely, the blossoms remind me of bluebells.


I took these shots around 5:30, so the sun was starting to dip.

Hope your week’s going well so far. I had to take Rocky to the vet because he seemed to be in pain. His back is acting up, so the vet prescribed muscle relaxers and painkillers. Hopefully this is temporary, but Rocky is 17. He hasn’t lost his mental acuity, though. I tried hiding a tiny pill in his treat and then cheese, and he figured it out every time. Will try peanut butter tomorrow…wish me luck.


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10 Responses to Jacaranda Time

  1. anroworld says:

    Wonderful photos! Very fresh! I wish poor Rocky speediest recovery!

  2. SAN_jeet says:

    blue and beauty full

  3. Hope Rocky feels better soon. It always amazes me how dogs and cats pick out any pills in their food, although Reggie doesn’t mind. He is such a food hound, I guess he thinks the pills are just a new form of kibble. Did peanut butter do the trick?

    • Thanks, Jackie. Oh yes, we’ve tried peanut butter. Now he won’t touch it, sigh. I think Reggie is a lot more laid back. 🙂
      Yesterday I cut the treat in half, scooped out part of the inside and buried the tiny pill (1/8 of a regular one!) deep. He ate it, and will hopefully continue to do so for another week.

  4. bgillis5 says:

    Reblogged this on brittanysaccessories and commented:
    love the purple color

  5. Caroline says:

    I’m so sorry about Rocky. Hope it all went well. They are so crafty when it comes to detecting pills. I opened up a small stick, pushed it in and closed both sides firmly.
    Oh those photos are a marvel. The color is amazing. I’d love to see the trees.

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