Top 12 on Flickr

I noticed that a lot of bloggers did retrospectives right after New Year’s. I thought about doing that, but decided instead to look at my stats on Flickr to see what’s getting the most views. It gives me an idea of what will sell and what won’t. But not always. Sometimes I’ll spend a good deal of time setting up a shot, only to watch it fall flat. Or I’ll hesitate to put up a photo that I think is inferior and it does great. Other photographers have told me the same thing. Anyway, here are my top 12:

1. african_iris_web

2. hibiscus_web

3. sweden_cykel_web

4. beach_pair_web

5. quail_leaves_web

6. ALB_jesse_house_web

7. boy-toy_web

8. candy_web

9. yellow_heirloom_tomato_web

10. Tallinn_pink_roses2_web

11. petunias_basket_web

12. teaforthree_web

Incidentally, numbers 4, 7 and 10 were shot with the iPhone. The stats include everyone who views the photos, not just photographers on Flickr. When I posted the photo of Jesse’s place (number 6) Breaking Bad was still really huge, so there was a lot of curiosity. The popularity of number 7 is a total mystery. Maybe people are Googling “boy toy” expecting something different? 😉

Hope your week’s going well so far.


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8 Responses to Top 12 on Flickr

  1. Caroline says:

    I love them all. And I love many, many of your other photos, still, I have to admit I’m partial to the flowers as well. And I think you do a marvellous job when it comes to pastel colors.
    Plus the way the shots are arranged always gives it that little bit of extra.
    I think one thing one can say – your photos are never boring. As much as I love flower photography I’m amazed to say some people just make them look so boring.
    Lovely post!

    • Oh, thank you, Caroline. I do try to come up with different perspectives and lighting when I shoot flowers because I know they can be a yawn fest otherwise. I would also get really bored if I only shot flowers, but I know photographers who do just that. Pastels are getting to be kind of a niche for me, but I like experimenting with other stuff too.

  2. joshi daniel says:

    that is an awesome set 🙂

  3. It’s so difficult to pick a favorite of these wonderful shots, Carole. You know how much I love sunset photos, so I think I have to go with #4.

    Is your personal favorite Flickr photo among these?

    • My all-time favorites are shots I took of my sons when they were little. I may ask them permission to post a few that turned out really well, now that they’re grown.
      I’m kind of partial to teacups, so that shot is probably in my top 10, if I ever compile a list.

  4. Beautiful selection !

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