Produce and Flowers

More treats from the farmers market:


Am I the only one who’s never seen carrots that were anything but orange?


Cucumbers that look like they’re almost pickles. My grandmother made the best dill pickles! The entire basement smelled like brine when she made them.


Blue and white statice


and gorgeous strawberries.


Waves of asparagus


and a bouquet of squash blossoms.


I’m not a fan of plums, but I love the colors in these.


This made me want to run home and bake zucchini bread.


The label read “eggplant,” but it’s not like any I’ve seen before. I think they might be “Romanesca.”

Finally, can you stand one more shot of tomatoes? They’re just so red and delicious-looking. . . .


Hope your week’s going well so far. We had summer again with temps in the 90s this weekend, but parts of the country got lots of snow. I miss snow just a tiny little bit. Must drive up to the mountains one day this winter.


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19 Responses to Produce and Flowers

  1. Beautiful produce. Those little purple “eggplants” are very Italian and, in fact, we often have them here. The tiny “cucumbers” look like big cornichons. What a wonderful market. Lovely pics.

  2. go green……green-o-logy makes me strong

  3. TBM says:

    Are some of those carrots parsnips? I’ve only seen orange carrots. Snow. where did it snow?

    • After a little research, I found a similar photo and it read “heirloom carrots.” I can see why you would think they’re parsnips, though.

      It snowed in the the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana and Nebraska. Some areas got almost 3 feet of snow! Colorado may have gotten some too.

      • TBM says:

        Three feet! It’s too early for that much. Might be a harsh winter for some. Colorado is dealing with the aftermath of floods so I hope they didn’t get too much. Too much damage.

      • Yes, way too early. A lot of cattle were lost. Colorado has really gotten hit this year… hopefully they won’t have a harsh winter.

  4. You do such a great job of capturing the colors at the Farmers Market. I can’t believe you still have asparagus growing! That ended here about May.

    I’m going to be in SD next month for a whirlwind weekend to visit a friend. I hope I get to eat some asparagus.

  5. Caroline says:

    Great shots. I’ve seen carrots in different colours, even almost white. They are called carrot + something but I can’t remember.

  6. aquariosa says:

    Oh my dear God! It makes me wanna grab it all and bring into my kitchen! 😀
    Tfs, Dwi

  7. Dina says:

    Great post! I think my favourite is the first one, I have never seen carrots like this. 🙂

  8. I could just touch it, soooo beautiful and inspiring ! Faithfully Debbie

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