When You’re Least Expecting It. . . .

. . .something good happens.

Flickr made some big changes recently, and several photographers left because of them. My views had gone way down and I had kind of given up on making Explore again. (The top 500 photos each day.) I also hadn’t gotten any checks from Getty Images in a while. You could say I was in a bit of a slump.

Then I uploaded a different version of the hibiscus shots on Flickr:


To my complete surprise, this shot made Explore. Its views went from zero to 25,000 over the next three days. That has never happened to me. It was weirdly wonderful to watch. The funny thing? I almost didn’t upload the photo. I thought it was all right, but nothing special.

The very same day, I got my biggest check from Getty. You just never know what’s around that corner.

Hope your week’s going well so far. . . .


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12 Responses to When You’re Least Expecting It. . . .

  1. Meg says:


  2. susan says:

    Gotta’ love serendipity !

  3. Congretulations with the views!
    Is Getty a photography site like Flickr?

  4. Ms. Spock says:

    WAY! 2!! GO!!!

  5. TBM says:

    That’s wonderful!

  6. Great news! I think this is stunning – the colors are so vibrant. You’re right — you never know what is just around the corner. 🙂 Congrats!

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