Travel Scans: Eagle’s Nest


Eagle’s Nest, or Kehlsteinhaus in Southern Bavaria, is situated at the top of the Kehlstein mountain (elevation 6,017 ft. or 1,834 m.) The structure was a 50th birthday present for Adolf Hitler to serve as a retreat, and a place for him to entertain visiting dignitaries. The complex was pretty depressing, but the views of Obersalzburg and the Alps are incomparable:


The bus ride up to Eagle’s Nest is positively hair-raising, especially if you don’t like heights. At one point there’s a hairpin curve and the bus wheels actually hang over the edge for a minute. Did the driver really need to tell us this? I was fairly green when I got off that bus.


The body of water up towards the left? That’s the Königsee. You can see more photos here.


If you go, don’t take the bus back down the mountain. Walking is so much better–it’s like floating through the opening scenes of The Sound of Music. Which was filmed nearby.

Great weekend, everyone!


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12 Responses to Travel Scans: Eagle’s Nest

  1. Caroline says:

    Stunning scenery. I never thought of going there but it would actually be quite interesting.
    I think there is one episode of Band of Brothers set there.

  2. Can I say “wow” about three times?
    Wow – what a view!
    Wow – that sounds like a crazy ride!
    Wow – to be in Hitler’s retreat. Were his paintings there?

    • 🙂 I don’t remember any paintings, but the fireplace was outfitted in Italian marble from Mussolini. The German tour guide made a point of telling us how Allied soldiers broke off pieces of the marble for souvenirs.

  3. I’ve read about this! Or perhaps I saw it in Band of Brothers? Cool!

  4. TBM says:

    Wow what an amazing place…except the bus wheels not being on solid ground. That would terrify me.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Carole … these are spectacular images! So, did you walk down?

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