More Ranunculus

A few more shots of the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch. Enjoy.








Hope your week’s going well. . . .


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10 Responses to More Ranunculus

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    My goodness these are beautiful. I’ve never heard of these flowers before…do they smell as heavenly as they look? I just imagine the air being willed with their sweet fragrance.

    • I had never seen them before I moved to California, Bonnie. They don’t have a scent, but if they did, it would carry for miles!
      Good to see you posting–how’s the foot?

      • bonniegunkel says:

        What a shame, so pretty with no scent. 🙂

        I’m coming along. Back to work, in a walking boot until at least June 3 when I go back for my follow-up. So still no driving which has been difficult. Especially with shared custody…but we’re making the best of it. Thanks for asking 🙂

      • I feel your pain. Seven years ago, I broke my foot and couldn’t do anything for months. I finally resorted to using an office chair with wheels so I could get around the first floor of our house (tile floors). I think crutches were the worst part, next to not being able to drive. It really makes you appreciate being mobile.

  2. TBM says:

    Stunning. And i love that my allergies aren’t acting up while enjoying them.

  3. Dounia says:

    Wow, they’re spectacular. The colors are amazing!

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