Unexpected Whimsy

Ever find yourself standing in line waiting for your food, when suddenly you look at nearby tables and see something like this?


I didn’t think so. For a minute, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. This was a burger joint, where you expect formica tabletops or worse. I thought it was fake mosaic at first, but it was the real thing. Since the place was mostly empty, I was able to shoot five more tables in addition to the Twinkies above….


Levis jeans



mtv mosaic

This one took me a minute to figure out. It’s the logo for MTV.

stones mosaic

The Rolling Stones

Quik table

Nestlé’s Quik

I do love finding touches of whimsy in unexpected places. Glad I had the iPhone with me.

Hope your weekend was memorable….


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Photography. With a little life thrown in.
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22 Responses to Unexpected Whimsy

  1. Ms. Spock says:

    These are really amazing!

    Thoughts . . . the juxtaposition of “Woodstock” with the others interests me. “Woodstock” is something of a symbol of the counterculture. “Twinkies” is one exemplar of the culture that the counterculture was countering. Same for “Quik”, but maybe not as much, but both were/are corporate giants that easily symbolized the prevailing culture. “Levi’s” was an example of the (corporate) culture making big bucks off people who wanted to be counterculture; to fit in, one had to conform to the non-conformists and be sure to wear Levi’s jeans. And there’s The Rolling Stones: just repeat what I just wrote but replace jeans with rock-n-roll-on-wax, and voila — big corporate bucks rolling in from counterculturists’ pockets. “MTV”? — very sure there’s no longer the same counterculture any more, since we’re 20teens and no longer 1960s — fifty years now??? — but other than that pesky detail, merely update the wax and there ya go!

    Oh — as for the photography, superb choice of subject, great photography as usual. Thanks, Ms. Pearl.

  2. flyinggma says:

    How fun! I love the colors and the mosiac designs. I can relate to a few of the design except MTV and Woodstock. Too young for Woodstock and not allowed to watch MTV. How was your lunch?

  3. Caroline says:

    What a nice touch, so original. Thank you for sharing these.

  4. Patti says:

    I want a table like those!

  5. jacquelincangro says:

    How cool is that? So creative. You can find creativity anywhere – even a burger joint – if you keep your eyes open. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  6. Lady Jennie says:

    It’s art for the sake of art. I love it.

  7. Helen says:

    What cool tables – I love stumbling across things like this 🙂

  8. Chantel says:

    Adore these! I’m doing a “coffee” themed series of paintings for a cafe and now am considering a stained glass look….thanks!

  9. For some reason, I’m craving a Twinkie now….

  10. cocomino says:

    What amazing arts.I like all of them.:)

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