“Antique” bistro

Once in a while I’ll arrange a still life to photograph, but more often I’ll just shoot something I see while walking, or having lunch in a French-style bistro….

I took this with my iPhone while having lunch with a dear friend on her birthday. I thought it needed a little some-something, so I converted it to black and white:

Finally, I switched to sepia tones and added an “antique photo” action:

Plats du jour

Quite a difference, yeah?

Hope your week is starting beautifully….


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Photography. With a little life thrown in.
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12 Responses to “Antique” bistro

  1. cocomino says:

    Nostalgic and artistic restaurant.:)

  2. flyinggma says:

    Love the last photo. How fun and it really does look like some place from a long time ago. Have a great week.

  3. andybeel says:

    Great last photo, keep it up – thanks

  4. Caroline says:

    The differences are incredible. I really like the last one. Amazing what that “antique photo” thing did.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Love the progression … or is that ‘regression’ … that fully represents a time gone by. The last shot captures the by gone era perfectly. Well done, Carole. I hope your lunch was a delightful as the bistro appears to be.

  6. TBM says:

    I love the second one

  7. Lady Jennie says:

    Yes, I think the antique looks the best.

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