Cape May, Parting Glances

If you’re new to the blog, I did posts on Cape May, New Jersey here, here and here. I have a few miscellaneous shots that I’ll share now. Enjoy.

Mint and aqua

Not quite as ornate as the Victorians in my other posts, but lovely just the same. Even the fire hydrant is aesthetic.

A closer look:

Pastel porch

I think Seaglass Cottage is the perfect name for this place. Just the other day, I saw a beautiful shot of sea glass on Pinterest….

Google photo via Pinterest

Cape May cottage w/ blue trim

A little down at the heels, but full of vintage charm, don’t you think?

I liked the window at the top, so zoomed in for this one….

lace window

Peeling paint draws me in every time.

Great weekend, everyone!


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13 Responses to Cape May, Parting Glances

  1. LauriFrance says:

    I love these, especially the seaglass hose. I love seeing it along with the sea glass. πŸ™‚

  2. Caroline says:

    What a treat again! Thank you. I wrote a stry once in which sea glass was important. I love sea glass. It shows the passing of time in a colorful way and they are nice to the touch.
    the run down house is adorable.

    • Would you send it to me, Caroline? I think you’re such a wonderful writer.
      How I’d love to have the sea glass in that photo! Maybe a piece of jewelry made with it–they have some on

      • Caroline says:

        Thanks, Carole, this is so nice of you. I would love to send it to you but it is an older story and I wrote it in German. I was thinking recently that I might start to translate them. If I should do so I will sned it to you.
        I have seen jewelry made of sea glass, it can look very nice.

      • If it were in French, I’d be OK, but my German is very rusty! Do let me know if you translate them.

  3. flyinggma says:

    Love the colors in these pictures. Great shots especially love the sea glass.

  4. lindayoga says:

    I love your work it’s stunning…Simply stunning.

  5. Awww Sea Glass cottage is just adorable. It looks like a dolls house!

  6. TBM says:

    These make my apartment look so shabby.

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