Fan Flower


I first discovered Scaevola or Fan flower in California. It’s the most beautiful blue-violet color and has an unusual fan shape. In Hawaii it’s called “naupaka,” and according to legend, (and Wikipedia) a woman tore the flower in half after a quarrel with her lover. This angered the gods, so they turned all naupaka flowers into half flowers and the two lovers remained separated while the man searched in vain for another whole flower.


After lots of theme surfing, I decided to stick with this one for now. Hope you didn’t see all the color changes going on last night! 🙂 The layout I really like is on tumblr, but until I find a web designer who can adapt it for me, I’ll stay here for a while. I’m finding WordPress a bit less “artistic” than platforms like Blogger and tumblr, but don’t want to switch right now. Stay tuned….

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14 Responses to Fan Flower

  1. banbamama says:

    I love this flower. I love folklore about flowers and fauna. There is a rich culture of it here in Ireland. I like your theme. Don’t go!

    • Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that I’m leaving! I’m just wanting a little more creative license, which is hard to come by (and more expensive) on WordPress. I’ll figure out a way to accomplish that one way or another. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Caroline says:

    I like the flowers and the legend. The color is really very intense.
    I like typepad blogs but I hear not everything is great, maybe the support isn’t so good?

    • It’s even more intense in real life, Caroline.

      I really liked Blogger when I started there, but the name pearlsandprose was already taken and everyone was touting WordPress, so I jumped ship. I’m kind of disappointed at all the charges involved with WordPress, but they’re not in it for their health. I find the templates really restrictive and not-so-creative, so will try to find someone who can design what I want. I just don’t have the time to take HTML and CSS classes right now, or I’d do it myself.

      Did you start a new blog, Caroline? Or change the current one? I’ll be over to check it out in a minute.

      • Caroline says:

        I have no clue what happened yesterday, there was system failure and it said server error. Since they changed the comment format it happens occasionally, that a wrong blog address comes up or another e-mail. Sorry for the confusion.

      • No worries, Caroline. I enjoyed reading the post about movies!

  3. flyinggma says:

    Love the flower and the color! Hope you can find what you want artistically, Jeanne

  4. jacquelincangro says:

    Tell me more about Tumblr. That site has me a little stumped. Is it a blogging host like WordPress?

    Love the flower! I think the purplish blue petals are my favorite.

    • It has me stumped a little too, Jacquelin. I saw a photo I really liked on Pinterest, clicked through several times to the original poster and found a terrific-looking tumblr blog. One click, and I was on the designer’s web page. He has given this cool template to tumblr users for nothing but doesn’t have time to do one for WordPress. Thousands of bloggers (tumblrs?) have used his design, so tumblr really should have paid him something. As far as I can see, tumblr works like other blogs, but you can “reblog” stuff, whatever that means. A Flickr friend just told me that one of her photos showed up on tumblr wo/ her permission, so maybe it’s not such a good thing for photographers. I’ll have to research it more. If there are any tumblr users out there, feel free to jump in!

  5. TBM says:

    I love the photo. I’m curious if you figure out a way to work with tumblr. I friend of mine did that a few months ago, but I don’t really understand it yet

    • Thank you. I just learned that you can send Instagram photos directly to tumblr, which is pretty cool, but I’ll do more research. WordPress has been good to me, and I like a lot of blogs on the platform, so I won’t be moving anywhere soon.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Great macro shot, Carole. I’ve never seen anything like this, the shape and colour are exquisitely delicate and the legend just makes all the more captivating.

  7. bonniegunkel says:

    That flower is just beautiful! Love the composition.

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