How to capture a big window with a 50mm lens….

I was at a local nursery last week, and had brought my camera with me. Took a few flower shots, then spotted the coolest old Palladian window at a nearby building. I had only my 50mm lens with me, so had to break it down into smaller sections.

Palladian top

Love that blue-green trim and peeling paint. The yellow walls are a nice touch, too.

Palladian bottom

window middle

Whoever put this together has a really good eye for color.

window ledge

At first, I was lamenting the fact that I hadn’t brought my zoom lens, but now I think the parts might be better than the whole.

Hope you all had a great weekend. If there are any Beatles fans out there, I recommend seeing a great tribute band, 1964…The Tribute. Mr. Prose and I saw them Saturday night and they almost sounded like the real thing. The guys really worked it for a solid ninety minutes and didn’t miss a note.

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7 Responses to How to capture a big window with a 50mm lens….

  1. Caroline says:

    I agree, the person does have an eye for color. I’m occasionally very color hungry, there is not enough and it is often combined in a painful way. The third shot is my favourite, the blue of the flowres intensifies the turquoise.

    • Sounds like you could use a trip to Venice, Caroline. Have you ever been to Burano where many of the shops are done in gorgeous candy colors?

      • Caroline says:

        Oh yes, Venice would be nice. No, I haven’t been to Burano, I had a look at some pictures, it looks really nice. I missed it when I went to Venice.

  2. jacquelincangro says:

    I was trying to take a photo similar to this over the weekend but it didn’t come out nearly this good. Someone had a huge harp in the living room which could be seen from the sidewalk. The shot was too blurry though and you couldn’t really see inside the window.
    Your shots are lovely because you can see what’s behind the glass so clearly. Nice work.

    • I didn’t show the dark ones, Jacquelin, but there were a few. You have to get a good angle and make sure plenty of light is coming in (low shutter speed, wide open aperture). Glare can be a real problem too. My biggest challenge is keeping myself out of the photo!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Beautifully captured with your 50 mm lens … I agree with you about the zoom! I wish I had that sense of colour.

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