The Village and street performers

WordPress was down for a while last night, so rather than do one long post, I’m splitting it into two and will upload the other half tomorrow. I’m trying to finish two paintings before my class on Thursday, because we’re going to receive critiques from the entire group (ack!). As I said before, I didn’t know what I was doing the first two weeks, so now I’m reworking my first painting with the correct colors. Cannot believe how long it takes.
I’m also trying to get ready for a trip to Florida on Monday. More on that later.

So, after doing the Empire State Building, we hopped over to Washington Square in Greenwich Village:

Wash Square

Washington Square Arch was designed by renowned architect Stanford White (read his bio –it’s a doozy) in 1892. It replaced a temporary wood and plaster arch that commemorated the centennial of George Washington’s inauguration. I was hoping to see some street performers, but there were only chess players and this guy:

Greenwich pianist

He was playing classical music and was quite good, but the piano was pretty tinny, not surprisingly.

We encountered another street performer near the Plaza Hotel and Central Park.


I took the photo, then realized he was beckoning and pointing to his torch. We wanted to see Central Park, so went on our way. I turned around and saw this:

Liberty man

Evidently, “Liberty Guy” will let you hold his torch and you can pose with him for money. Um, no thanks. He was probably giving me the stinkeye behind those sunglasses…. That’s the Plaza Hotel in the background on the right. I think of “Sex & the City” and “The Way We Were” every time I see that place.

Tomorrow, some shots of Central Park.

Just heard Liz Taylor died. What a life she had.

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5 Responses to The Village and street performers

  1. I remember seeing the Statue of Liberty last time I was in NYC. I didn’t pay to get my picture taken with him either.

    I had no idea about Elizabeth Taylor!

  2. Caroline says:

    I so want to go there! Showing work for critique is tough and also telling others what you think of their work. It’s even harder sometimes. Didn’t know about Liz Taylor.

  3. Lady Jennie says:

    I don’t think street performers are regular in Washington Square Park, at least not to my recollection.

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