I believe this is a lacecap hydrangea. They do fairly well in the D.C. area, but if you want to see some incredible ones, go to Cape May in New Jersey. That is one beautiful seaside town. Lovely old Victorians with bold colors, flowerpots and window boxes everywhere. I’ll have to scan some of my old photos taken there one of these days.


This reminds me of a flagpole! Certainly an image of transition. I added a texture from SkeletalMess.

Witch hazel adds a nice dose of yellow, doesn’t it? Spring is near, I tell ya, spring is near.

{ms. pearl}

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10 Responses to Transition

  1. Spring is definitely near. It was so warm yesterday!

  2. Caroline says:

    Lucky you. It is cold again in Switzerland. I’d love to see pictures of Cape May sounds like a wonderful place. The second photo with the texture is interesting. The withc hazel looks quite delicate. We have a few forsythia that started blooming. There yellow is very intense.

    • Oh, I thought you were in Germany! Switzerland is so beautiful.

      Forsythia is just beginning to form buds here. We transplanted 5 of them to a sunnier location last spring and I hope they survived the awful summer and winter. I had to water them almost every day last summer, so they owe me. 😉

  3. Caroline says:

    No, I live in cute little Switzerland near the German/French border.

  4. mindymilburn says:

    That first shot is awesome!!!

  5. Lady Jennie says:

    Oh, is that what witch hazel looks like?

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