Daffodils in the sun

The other day, I was sitting at the dining room table and suddenly looked up. The daffodils I’d bought the day before had opened, and warm sunlight was flooding the yellow walls in our living room. I grabbed my camera and took the shot below. I love when that happens.

Signs of spring

Then next day, I tried to re-create the photo. After all, the EXIF data gave me the exact time of day, the aperture setting, shutter speed, everything. But no matter how I tried, I couldn’t duplicate the image. I don’t know how the light could be different just twenty-four hours later, but it was. Proof that photography is capturing a fleeting moment.

So I turned around, removed the tablecloth and captured the daffodils from the opposite direction:

Another view

And just for fun, an iPhone shot (Polarize app):

{ms. pearl}

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16 Responses to Daffodils in the sun

  1. flyinggma says:

    Love the photos and the idea of a yellow livingroom walls. So inviting. I tried to recreate a photo that I took from one day to the next and I couldn’t get it to look the same either. Same time of day, same location, same direction but the light looked entirely different. Love the infusion of spring into my day from your daffodils.

    • I think there must have been slight cloud cover on one day or the other. It sure looked the same to me.

      These daffodils are definitely making me feel like spring’s getting close. It was in the 60’s yesterday too.

  2. bonniegunkel says:

    All of them are lovely, and that vase is gorgeous! I love the thickness of it 🙂

  3. Caroline says:

    The magic of fleeting moments. I also like all of them but the IPhone one looks as if it was just about to turn into a painting.

  4. I love how a different angle and setting makes it all better.

  5. duke1959 says:

    After just dealing with the phone company seeing your pictures sure has brighten my spirits. Thanks!

  6. 36x37 says:

    Gasp! I think I love your house! Love the yellow–all walls are meant for color, don’t you think?

    Lovely shots!

    • Maura, I lived with white and beige for so long, then after my divorce I moved into a little cottage with yellow walls and fell in love with them. I used the same color in this house and it works pretty well. (East Coast and West Coast light are not the same.) The rest of the house is decorator beige–an all-yellow house could get old fast. Unless you lived in Antarctica maybe.
      If I didn’t have to worry about resale value, I’d paint every room a different color for sure.

  7. Cheryl Andrews says:

    A huge promise of spring implied in these three shots of your daffs. Ice pellets here today … winter has such a hard grip in this part of Canada right now. Promise of warmer temperatures this weekend (fingers and toes crossed). For now I can just ‘full screen’ your daffs and dream. Thanks Carole.

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