The bride in Balboa Park wore what?

Isn’t this color amazing? I love apricot-colored roses–they’re my favorite. My son surprised me by suggesting a trip to Balboa Park while we were in San Diego. He’s in a running group that trains there, so now likes it. When he and his brother were teenagers, we would have had to drag them to places like this. šŸ™‚

Anway, there’s very nice rose garden in Balboa Park and all the roses were in perfect bloom that day. What a change from the mediocre roses in the D.C. area. Here’s a lovely dark pink…

dark pink

soft pink

and a nice light pink.

On to the botanical garden where we found this bromeliad (I think that’s what it is)…



some greenery


and some tropical flowers.

Then we just wandered the park looking at all the gorgeous Spanish architecture. I didn’t photograph the buildings, because the sky was overcast and they deserve nice light. They’re also more dramatic with a brilliant blue sky behind them. Next trip.

Because it’s so beautiful, Balboa Park is often the site for wedding photography. I think I’ve seen a bride there just about every visit. This one wore sneakers….

The bride wore sneakers

The groom was in a long white shirt with white pants. He also wore sneakers. They were in a great hurry, so IĀ didn’t get a candid shot of him.Ā  I also decided to pass onĀ a photo of a great-looking saxophonist. He was wearing an elegantĀ darkĀ suit with a white fedora and red tie. But he was busking, and I don’t want people who might beĀ down on their luck to feel like curiosities. It’s a fine line sometimes.

Finally, one of my favorite flowers in the world, Tibouchina or “Princess Flower.” I tried to grow some, but they are really finicky (hence the nickname). The blue-violet is sublime, no?

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2 Responses to The bride in Balboa Park wore what?

  1. Lady Jennie says:

    The bride wore sneakers and had a gym bag!

    Gorgeous colorful flowers.

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