Fractals and autumn

This was taken in our neighborhood. I think this may be the most beautiful autumn I’ve ever experienced.  Everywhere I look there’s one gorgeous color after another, and it gets better every day. This certainly makes up for the beastly summer we had!

autumn lace

Lacework provided by common insects. The design almost looks like fractals, eh?
Random factoid: the father of fractal geometry, Benoit Mandelbrot, died recently. I’m not a mathematician, but my husband is.

We had a drought this summer and that’s supposed to make for dull fall colors, but that didn’t happen here….


maple leaves

Wow, this week’s gone fast! See you Monday….

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13 Responses to Fractals and autumn

  1. Mary Ann says:

    May I ask where you are located. Your description of the weather sounds like my own in Massachusetts.

  2. 36x37 says:

    These are gorgeous! Those leaves are incredible!

    Happy weekend to you!

  3. Caroline says:

    Once more… such beautiful pictures. You got an eye for discovering things. It is strange, we have the worst autumn ever. It lasted… two weeks? The first snow is already falling. This is not typical for central Europe in October, believe me.

  4. Snow already? Oh, that is tough. We had a pretty bad winter last year (4 ft. of snow after one storm) but I’m hoping it will be milder this year.

  5. Lady Jennie says:

    Aaah – back to these absolutely beautiful pictures. You have a gift!

    PS – It’s formerly Miss Welcome. Finally got my new blog up and running – same name as when you found me (I was so surprised), but I had switched to instead of which is why the one you found was deleted.

  6. rowan anchusa says:

    I found you blog by accident as I was looking for the poem by Lucy Berry called The Promise of Trees as I was entranced the reading of it on Radio 2.Wow -you are so on my wavelength its amazing.I will be reading your blog regularly in future.I live in the UK and this year has been the best autumn I have ever known.The trees are glowing like natures stained glass windows in catherals of trees.I love your photographs too-really beautiful.

  7. rowan anchusa says:

    Sorry that should have been “cathedrals of trees”

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