Celebs and rust


(George Clooney and President Obama by The White House via Flickr)

Flickr allows you to “follow” other members, and shows thumbnails of recently uploaded photos for viewing and commenting. I decided to follow The White House and the British Monarchy for fun. So the other day, I opened the thumbnails and this picture jumped out at me. Yes, I’m a fan, but it just amazed me that the photo was taken just two hours before I saw it, and only a few miles from where I was sitting. What really astounds me is that these photos are available to anyone. What happened to all that “White House official photographer” mystique?

Oh, here’s a shot from the British Monarchy for you:

Graham Nash with his OBE

Whoah, Graham Nash knighted? Really?

(If you click on the photos you can see the entire photostream for each group.)

Another place we visited over the weekend was the town of Oxford, Md. Not a lot there, but it’s right on the Chesapeake Bay where we found this restaurant:


Unfortunately, it was closed due to flooding, but we walked around outside.

Masthead tbls

It would have been so fun to have lunch on the bay. Next year.

attack crab

The owner has a sense of humor.

Even oxidation can be beautiful. Rust and George Clooney–where else can you get that? 🙂

Have a stellar weekend, everyone.

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