Thank you, SkeletalMess

SkeletalMess refers to a very talented texture guru named Jerry Jones of Shadowhouse Creations who offers tons of free textures on flickr and here. I used one of his textures on this shot of a house on Cape Cod.

I am blown away by the generosity of people who give away their work and helpful tips. Kim Klassen, another texture expert, is doing a free e-course on beginning Photoshop which you can find here. I believe it starts around the 18th of this month.

Want to see the “before”? Here you go….

I’m aware that larger images take longer to load, so I’ll be careful about not using too many of them. I know how annoying it is to wait. The iPhone shots are smaller, so no problemo there.

Thanks for stopping by….

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2 Responses to Thank you, SkeletalMess

  1. Caroline says:

    I like this quite a lot, gives the photo such an old-fashioned feel.

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