New Market, Maryland on the iPhone


Hello there. I shot this on my iPhone in a 200 year-old Maryland town called New Market. The population was less than 500 in year2000, but it’s known as the “Antiques Capital of Maryland.”

Back to the photo. After removing some color and boosting the brightness, I used one of the “antique photo” filters in Photoscape.

Want to see the original? Here you go:

original gate

An OK shot for an iPhone, but kind of dark and blah. I also didn’t like the buildings in the back and left side, so cropped them out.

Next up, the top of an object that I think is a vintage barber pole….

barber pole

Just for fun, I processed it with Lo-Mob’s “AE TTV saturated virage” effect. That app is like crack too. ūüėČ

Barber pole

While in New Market, we stopped at the little general store/soda fountain/pizza joint for lunch (their Caesar salad is actually quite good) and I took this shot of the doors and transom:


IPhone app: Hipstamatic; John S lens and Kodot Verichrome film.

The last photo is an unadulerated iPhone shot of a collection of antiques:

New Market antiques

I love that antique patina on everything.

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  1. Heeeeeeeey…you were 10 minutes from me!

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