Back from vacation

Hi, everyone…I’m back. We had a nice little getaway to New York and Cape Cod, and I have just a few photos. I really tried to restrain myself, as it was a vacation and not a photography trip. But it’s impossible for me to ignore something truly photogenic and I lucked out tremendously with the available light. It seemed like every time I had some free moments to shoot, the light was wonderful. It rained on our last day, but I had already shot everything I wanted.

Sushi neon

While in New York, we decided to check out the Asian food scene in Flushing. (“Food, Flushing”–has an unusual ring to it, hmmmm?) This part of Queens is like its own little country. Asian restaurants and shops everywhere. Unbelievable fresh produce. There’s nothing like it in the grocery stores back home. Only California comes close. Take a look:

dragon fruit
I first saw dragon fruit in Barcelona and didn’t know what it was. An Asian friend filled me in on the name, but I still don’t know what it tastes like. Honestly, could a fruit be more beautiful?

Dragon fruit & oranges

Cucumbers and ?

I’m not sure what’s next to the cucumbers, but I love that shade of green.

Dried plums

Even the dried plums look good.

Random fact from Wikipedia: “In 1645, Flushing was settled by Europeans on the eastern bank of Flushing Creek under charter of the Dutch West India Company and was part of the New Netherland colony. The settlement was named after the city of Vlissingen, in the southwestern Netherlands, the main port of the company.”

Wow, it’s good to have my laptop back. I was able to do quite a bit with the iPhone, but that small screen gets old after a while. It’s nice to have Windows again too.
I’ve also missed reading my favorite blogs. Will be catching up and commenting as soon as I can.


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2 Responses to Back from vacation

  1. Lua says:

    Welcome back Ms Pearl 🙂 I’m glad you had a good time and those photos look great- love the dragon fruits!

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