I know, I’m supposed to be packing for vacation. But I had to share these before they got buried in the digital heap. Those who follow on twitter have already seen the first one:

better with lemon

As I’ve said before, I took this with my new iPhone. I then used a very cool app called ColorSplash which removes the color, then allows you to restore hues wherever you “paint” with your finger. Kind of like finger painting without the mess! Too much fun. It’s not perfect, because even if you zoom in, it’s hard to be precise with your fingers. I have a little bleedout around the lemon, but it doesn’t bother me. Oh, you can see the original here.

The photo below is a slightly different shot. The waitress just happened to be standing there, adding a nice checkerboard effect. On this one I used an app called “Polarize.” It turns your photo into a faux Polaroid, complete with white border and a place to add a caption. I put a space between “lemon” and “water,” but the program ran them together. Have a look:

lemon water

The only things I don’t like about this app are that you can’t choose where to crop, (I’m not normally framing a shot with thoughts of a large caption area at the bottom) and it’s a bit darker than the original. But that’s part of the whole lo-fi, Polaroid vibe.

Here’s the original for anyone who’s interested:

original coke glass

Enjoy your weekend….

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