One last glimpse

Yes, welcome to my last glimpse of the Amish country! Hope you enjoy it….

Downtown Lancaster, PA

Daylilies in Strasburg, PA

The 300 Block of N. Queen St. in Lancaster.

300 Block is a very cool area of the city with antique shops and cafes. There’s a fantastic place called Building Character that has all kinds of old glass doorknobs, salvaged doors, art, vintage clothing and handmade jewelry, to name a slew. It’s tucked away off Queen St., so ask if you can’t find it. A very nice security guard in downtown alerted us. Nice, huh?

This is not a great photo–kind of blurry and poorly framed–but I wanted to show the flavor of 300 Block. Some serious oxidation going on here.

Gourmet food shop in Lititz, PA

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend….

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Photography. With a little life thrown in.
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3 Responses to One last glimpse

  1. Anita says:


  2. Lua says:

    Amazing photos- 300 Block seems like a magical place.
    And talk about an original name- ‘Building Characters’! Love it 🙂

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